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2016 Virtual Tour of the Iowa DCI Criminalistics Laboratory located in Ankeny, Iowa

The Division of Criminal Investigation, (DCI) was created in 1921 to provide investigative support and expertise to law enforcement agencies across the state. The division is comprised of four functional areas:

Criminalistics Laboratory

The Criminalistics Laboratory was created by statute in July 1969 (Code of Iowa 691) and funded in July 1970. The Criminalistics Laboratory consists of the following sections:

Field Operations Bureau

The Field Operations Bureau of the DCI includes:

Special Enforcement Operations Bureau

The Special Enforcement Operations Bureau (Gaming) with the DCI is in charge of both criminal investigations and regulatory enforcement of the laws and rules dealing with gambling in Iowa.

Support Operations Bureau

The Support Operations Bureau of the DCI includes:


There are 161 sworn officers and 104 civilian employees handling the ever-increasing workload of the DCI.

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