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The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) Criminalistics Laboratory (Lab) provides crime scene processing assistance at scenes where DCI Special Agents (SA) are involved.  The role of the DCI Crime Scene Team (CST) is to document the scene with photography, video, and diagrams; to ensure the proper identification, handling, collection and packaging of physical evidence found at a scene; and to perform specialty examinations as needed.

Each CST is composed of two individuals who work in the DCI Lab in one or more specific disciplines of forensic science. Each person who volunteers for duty on a CST has primary responsibilities within the laboratory and has received specialized training in their chosen field within forensic science. Each of these individuals contributes their specialized knowledge to the Crime Scene Section by way of teaching, mentoring, working crime scenes, and participating in on-going training and education.

Laser trajectory

Vehicle Processing
There are times when a vehicle is believed to be connected to a crime and may contain physical evidence relevant to the investigation. Police agencies can work with the lab to determine a course of action.  Generally, the vehicle is delivered to the DCI Lab to be processed.

Vehicle Processing

Chemical processing

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