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The use of firearms, especially semiautomatic firearms has increased significantly over the last few years. Because of the growing number of gang shootings, drug related shootings, and rapid interstate movement, the likelihood that a specific firearm will be used in multiple crimes is increasing.

When a cartridge case is recovered as evidence in a shooting, technicians enter digital images of the breach face and firing pin impression on the cartridge case into the computers that make up NIBIN. NIBIN gives the firearm examiner the ability to search test fired cartridge cases from a known firearm, and firearms evidence from crime scenes for possible matches. This allows the operator to link unrelated crimes committed with the same firearm and also to match suspect guns to shootings.

NIBIN Criteria

The NIBIN firearms computer database is used to determine whether a firearm has been discharged in multiple shooting incidents.  As of December, 2010, only fired cartridge cases, deposited by firearms such as semiautomatic pistols and rifles will be entered into NIBIN. 


National Integrated Ballistic Information Network

Questions can be referred to the firearms section at (515)725-1500

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