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If you need to obtain a copy of a report:

  1. Ask your agency contact person to help you.

  2. Find it in the BEAST:

  3. Log in as you normally do (

    A. Case Inquiry:
    You have several options to search for your case her
  • Agency Case Number

  • Lab Case Number

    The Lab Case Number and Agency case number should be on the email you receive when a report is completed on your case.  If you are not receiving these emails please contact Kathleen in the evidence room.

  • Highlight in green the case you want

  • Click Open Case

    B. Section Approved Reports

  • Date completed will show a date.

  • Analyst Name will show the person working the case.

  • Click on Download Button to receive your report.

    C. Pending Reports

  • Will tell you if there are any additional reports to be completed for your case.

  • When completed it will move to the approved reports area for you to download.
     You will need to repeat the above steps for each case/report you want.

    D.  If you want to have a copy of the submission receipt for this case:

    Submissions Section

  • Click the download button to receive your receipt & print a copy (there can be more than one receipt form, if evidence has been turned in at different times).

Contact DCI Evidence room (515) 725-1512 for help with passwords and getting your reports.

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