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Screening of Drugs

The “Screening of Drugs” lists the drug categories for DOA1+ & DOAV screening panels.  DOA1+ testing is performed on all urine samples requesting drug screen analysis (prelog: TX-UD).  Depending on specific agency requests, DOAV testing may be completed.  DOA1+ and DOAV panels are completed using a Randox Instrument.

2016 Randox Screening Levels

Target Compounds

“Target compounds” provides a list of drugs for a special type of screening method employing an instrument called the LCMSMS.  Rather than drug categories, it focuses on drug compounds.  This screening test is used in cases of Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault, cases with special drug requests and cases that require additional information for confirmation testing. 

Confirmation of Drug Categories

When a screening test is positive, a confirmatory test is performed to identify the drug.  “Confirmation of Drug Categories” lists drug compounds that are typically reported following this second, confirmatory test.

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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 10-11-2012 (JGL)