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Investigation and Enforcement

The Division of Narcotics Enforcement special agents investigate major drug traffickers supplying the state of Iowa, tracing investigations back to most drug source States. These investigations are conducted in cooperation with out of state law enforcement agencies and have led to the successful prosecution of many drug suppliers and to the seizures of substantial amounts of illicit controlled substances. Seizures recorded during January 1 through December 31, 2010 are shown in the following table:

Drug Amount Seized Value
Cocaine 6,262.7 grams $861,121.25
Crack Cocaine 7,150.3 grams $643,527
Ice Methamphetamine 2,478.4 grams $322,192
Methamphetamine 100,227.71 grams $11,526,186
Marijuana 29,090.3 ounces $5,527,157
Ecstasy (MDMA) 520 grams + 398 du $5,970
Pharmaceuticals 1,791 du $22,387.50

*These statistics are from the Division of Narcotics Enforcement and do not reflect other law enforcement agencies in the State.

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