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District 15 Graphic

District 15 Photograph

5912 NW Second Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50313
(515) 281-6176

District 15 was established in 1976 and was known then as the Vehicle Theft Unit.  Vehicle Theft was established to assist local law enforcement with the ever increasing demand for investigations into the theft of motor vehicles.  There are currently five Vehicle Theft Officers spread across the state to investigate stolen motor vehicle cases.

In 1984, the Patrol wanted to advance their collision investigation skill level and trained 31 troopers to be Technical Accident Investigators.  This advanced training improved the technical skills of these officers to assist others with investigations into more serious motor vehicle collisions.  This program met with statewide success and some officers received training in collision reconstruction.

The T.I. program currently has 50 Technical Investigators (TIs) across Iowa with one sergeant, one trooper and a secretary assigned to the T.I. Office.

In 1992, the Patrol implemented the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program (MCSAP) to identify and remove fatigued and impaired commercial motor vehicle operators from Iowa’s roadways.  This helped to provide a safer environment for the motoring public.  MCSAP currently has ten enforcement troopers, one sergeant and one secretary.

In 2003, these specialty units, Technical Collision Investigation and MCSAP, were merged into District 15 with the Vehicle Theft Unit.  Troopers assigned to District 15 are geographically located throughout the state.  Many of the investigations conducted by Troopers assigned to District 15 are multi-jurisdictional involving federal, state, county and city authorities.

District 15 is currently located at 5912 NW 2nd Avenue on the north side of Des Moines.  The District 15 office was previously the Fleet and Supply building.

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