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Iowa Highway Patrol Headquarters was initially established in the lower level of the State Capitol building in 1935. It consisted of two rooms; an administrative area and a supply room. Driver's licensing, a long-time State Patrol function, was initiated in 1932 and was already headquartered in another area of the lower level of the Capitol.

The demands for the space occupied by the quickly expanding Highway Patrol, dicated a move to the Armand Building, which was located near the Capitol Complex. Formerly, the base of the cosmetic manufacturer, the pleasant aroma which penetrated the premises was somewhat counterbalanced by the ever present layer of residual cosmetic powder in every nook and cranny.

During the administration of S.N. Jesperson, the Patrol Headquarters was moved to the first floor of the newly completed Lucas State Office Building. In 1978, under Colonel Edward Dickinson, the State Patrol Headquarters moved into the Henry A. Wallace Building. Under the command of Colonel Robert O. Garrison, State Patrol headquarters moved into its current location in the Department of Public Safety Building located one block west of the Capitol. This building was reconstructed from the original International Harvester building and most recently the Records and Property building.

Currently, Iowa State Patrol headquarters personnel consists of one chief, two majors, eight captains, four lieutenants, six sergeants, one trooper and seven support staff. These 29 members are divided among general headquarters, Training and Recruitment Bureau, Professional Standards Bureau, Iowa Intelligence Fusion Center and the Homeland Security Office.

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Iowa State Patrol Headquarters
215 East 7th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319
(515) 725-6090

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