Iowa Department of Public Safety Iowa State Patrol Division


Iowa was one of the first states to utilize aircraft to observe traffic violations.  The Iowa State Patrol’s Air Wing was established in 1956 with two Super Cub aircraft and two pilots, both of which were based in Des Moines.  The Air Wing currently consists of four Cessna 182 aircraft, two Cessna 172 aircraft and one Cessna 206 aircraft.  These aircraft are based at five different airports throughout the state.

The diverse duties and assignments given to the Iowa State Patrol Air Wing range from traffic enforcement to specialized surveillance for criminal investigations.  Pilots observe speeding violations through pre-measured zones, stop sign violations, illegal passing and vehicles following too close.  The Air Wing also assists in public service areas such as flying emergency blood and tissue match relays, searching for downed aircraft, providing disaster scene assessments, or searching for lost persons.  Weather permitting; the Iowa State Patrol aircraft fly seven days per week.  Cessna 172 Aircraft
Cessna 182 Aircraft


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