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Kevin with 112 pounds of marijuana
112 pounds of marijuana

The Iowa State Patrol implemented our canine program in 1992 when Mr. Jim Hawk of Jim Hawk Trailer Company in Council Bluffs, Iowa donated $10,000 for the purpose of buying canines.  Five dogs were purchased and the dogs attended four weeks of training to become certified.  The Trooper/Handlers and canines assigned to this unit are trained in narcotics detection, officer protection, trailing or tracking and criminal apprehension.  The canine breeds being utilized in the unit are Belgian Malinois and Dutch Shepards.  The assigned Trooper/Handler is responsible for the canine's continued training and maintenance.  Their role is to help stem the flow of illegal narcotics through Iowa.  The Iowa State Patrol Canine Unit has been responsible for numerous illegal drug seizures and will continue to serve the citizens of Iowa each and every day.  When the canines retire the Trooper/Handler can elect to have the animal become part of their family full-time.  To date the retired canines have all become members of the Trooper/Handler's family.

Current Complement of Canines and Their Assignments:

District 1 - Des Moines Canine Ranger
District 2 - Osceola Canine Spike
District 5 - Cherokee Canine Jack
District 9 - Cedar Falls Canine Jake


May 1996 Bullet, an original canine member was diagnosed with cancer and had to be put down.  
1997 Taz, another original member was retired when his Trooper/Handler was promoted to the rank of Sergeant
December 1998 Gus, the third original canine was diagnosed with a neck injury and was retired.
March 1999 Charlie, the fourth original canine member was diagnosed with a back injury and was also retired.
January 1999 Mr. Jim Hawk donated $7,000 for the purchase of two new canines; a third canine was purchased out of the State Patrol budget.  These dogs; Bobby, Kevin, and Speedy, along with their new Trooper/Handles; were sent to Lincoln, Nebraska to the Nebraska State Patrol's training academy to go through an eight week training program.  These three dogs brought the canine unit back to four canines.
July 1999 Mr. Jim Hawk donated an additional $7,000 for the purchase of two more canines, bringing the total number of canines to six.  These dogs; Baron and Woody and their new Trooper/Handlers; also attended the eight week school in Lincoln, Nebraska at the Nebraska State Patrol's canine training program.  
November 1999 Jager, the last of the original five dogs, came down with cataracts and was retired.
June 2000 Mr. Jim Hawk again donated $7,000 for the purchase of two more dogs. These two dogs, Quatro and Rocky and their handlers, went to the Nebraska State Patrol's canine training program in Lincoln, Nebraska.  This expanded the canine unit to seven; the largest number of dogs and handlers the Patrol has ever had.
July 2000 Trooper/Handler T. Baker of the Iowa State Patrol attended the Nebraska State Patrol's Canine Instructor/Trainer course and became certified to assist with instruction and training of the canine unit.  Trooper/Handler T. Baker is Bobby's handler.  Also, for the first time the patrol now has it's own Instructor/Trainer.
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