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MCSAP Officer performing a Level III Inspection
MCSAP Officer performing a Level 3 Inspection

The Iowa State Patrol participates in the Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program, along with 48 other states under the guidelines of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The Iowa State Patrol M.C.S.A.P. program began in May 1992 with one sergeant and four troopers. It has now expanded to 1 Lieutenant, 1 Sergeant, 10 full-time inspectors (core group) with one canine, approximately 200 part-time inspectors, and one support staff. These officers have completed a forty hour Level 3 inspection course developed with the assistance of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and are trained to enforce Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Level 3 Inspections include:

  • driver license check
  • log book inspection
  • medical record inspection
  • vehicle registration
  • equipment inspection
  • moving traffic violations
    MCSAP Officer performing Level 3 Inspection

Inspections are incorporated in routine assignments, with emphasis on identifying fatigued and/or impaired operators with the following results:

The core group and part-timers average 5,000 inspections per year with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration First Fiscal Quarter 2000 Report indicating Iowa has the nation's highest driver out-of-service rate at 26%. The national driver out-of-service rate is 10%. Throughout the year, the core group performs special inspection projects to target specific areas of the state. During monthly special projects, the core group gathers in high crash corridors and driver out-of-service rates vary from 30% to 71%.

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