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Current Administrative Rule Making Docket

The Department's Administrative Rules Docket specifies all rule making actions in process by the Department.  It identifies each rule making action, and contains information regarding the nature of the action, relevant dates, and links to the text of each action. The Rules Docket published here on the Web site of the Department of Public Safety is the official docket for the Department, and is intended to facilitate public access to rulemaking being considered or undertaken by the department.

Persons wishing to comment on any item on this docket may do so by contacting the Department by mail, FAX (515-725-6195) or electronic mail. Comments submitted by mail or FAX should be addressed to the attention of the Agency Rules Administrator.

Docket # 2015-1
Electrical Examining Board: Electrician and Electrical Contractor Licensing Requirements; Procedures and Fees; Licensing Reciprocity; Post-Secondary Education Programs and Licensing; and Certification for Inspectors in Political Subdivisions.

  • 661 – Chapter 501, 502, 505, and 550
  • Notice of Intended Action filed June 18, 2015, to be published in the Iowa Administrative Bulletin, July 8, 2015, as ARC 2057C.  Public hearing:  August 20, 2015, 10 a.m., Room 125 Oran Pape State Office Building.

:Divisions: SFM

Current Administrative Rulemaking Docket


AF Adopted and Filed
AFE  Adopted and Filed Emergency
ANIA Amended Notice of Intended Action
ARIP Administrative Rules Improvement Plan
DO Declaratory Order
NIA Notice of Intended Action
ORD Order
PD Petition Denied
PDO Petititon for a Declaratory Order
PN Public Notice
PRM Petition for Rulemaking
RA Regulatory Analysis
WR Waiver Request


  • Publication date refers to date of the Iowa Administrative Bulletin in which the item appears.

  • Public hearings are generally held in the First Floor Conference Room (Room 125) of the Department of Public Safety Building, 215 East 7th Street, Des Moines, unless otherwise noted.

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Created: 05-10-2006
Last Updated: 6-7-2012 (MRC)