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Docket Archive (Calendar Year 2013)

Docket #
IAC Chapter
Title/Subject Action Publication
ARC # Effective
Public Hearing
2013-01 501, 502 Electrical Examining Board: Licensing Requirements, Procedures and Fees NIA 12/26/2012 ARC 0540C   January 17, 2013
2013-02 505 Electrical Examining Board: Education




ARC 0541C


January 17, 2013
2013-03 550 Electrical Examining Board:  Certification for Inspectors in Political Subdivisions




ARC 0542C


January 17, 2013
Current Administrative Rulemaking Docket


AF Adopted and Filed
AFE  Adopted and Filed Emergency
ANIA Amended Notice of Intended Action
ARIP Administrative Rules Improvement Plan
DO Declaratory Order
NIA Notice of Intended Action
OG Objection by the Governor
PD Petition Denied
PDO Petititon for a Declaratory Order
PN Public Notice
PR Petition Received
RA Regulatory Analysis


  • Publication date refers to date of the Iowa Administrative Bulletin in which the item appears.


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Created: 05-10-2006
Last Updated: 12-28-2012 (JGL)