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IOWA System

The Iowa On-line Warrants and Articles (IOWA) Criminal Justice Information Network provides access to a wide variety of information to approximately 374 police departments, sheriff's offices, state and federal criminal justice agencies throughout Iowa.  In addition, the IOWA system serves as a link to the national law enforcement network National Crime Information Center (NCIC) as well as to other agencies nationwide and worldwide. Over 97 million messages were processed through the IOWA System in fiscal year 2018. These messages include inquiries to databases for wanted persons; missing persons; protective orders, sex offenders, stolen property, including vehicles and guns; motor vehicle registration; driver license; criminal history records and administrative messages.

The training staff instructs and certifies more than 9,000 law enforcement and criminal justice personnel annually in the use of the IOWA System, audits IOWA system agencies for compliance in state and federal policies and regulations, certifies software for use with the IOWA System and expands the network with access to new databases and capabilities.   In addition, more than 1,000 off-line searches are conducted to provide investigative assistance to law enforcement agencies.

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