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Pat Hoye, Bureau Chief (515) 725-6120

Areas of Responsibility: Staff Supervision, Signatory Authority, Program Oversight, Liaison to the National Highway Traffic
Safety Administration (NHTSA), Commissioner of Public Safety and the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA).
Denny Becker, Alcohol Programs Coordinator (515) 725-6128

Areas of Responsibility: Impaired Driving, Corridors/Saturation Patrols, Des Moines Metro and Southeast Iowa Program
Administrator for Highway Safety Grants.
Genie Clemens, Youth Coordinator (515)725-6121
Areas of Responsibility: Youth programs, Driving Simulator, Program Administrator for Highway Safety Grants, sTEP Program, Rural Road Safety.
Financial Manager (515) 725-6130

Areas of Responsibility: Budget Oversight, Claim Processing, Federal Grant Tracking System and Audit/Equipment Vendor Files.

Larry Grant, MDST Coordinator (515) 725-6124

Areas of Responsibility: Multi-Disciplinary Safety Teams, High Five Projects, Speed, Checkpoint Trailer and Eastern Iowa Program Administrator for Highway Safety Grants.
Mick Mulhern, Compliance Officer (515) 725-0148

Areas of Responsibility: Policies, Training, Motorcycles, Social Media and Program Administrator for Highway Safety Grants.
Ihla Oertwig, Office Coordinator
(515) 725-6123

Areas of Responsibility: DRE Board Secretary, GTSB Resource Materials/Inventory Management, Staff Schedules, Supply & Support.
Todd Olmstead, Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Coordinator (515)725-6122
Areas of Responsibility: DRE Coordinator, Advance Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE) Training Coordinator, and Program Administrator for Highway Safety Grants.
Jennifer Parsons, Distracted Driving Coordinator (515) 725-6127

Areas of Responsibility: Distracted Driving, Safe Lanes Project, Annual Conference, Older Drivers, sTEP-special Traffic Enforcement Program Administrator for Highway Safety Grants and Law Enforcement Liaison.
Joanne Tinker, Traffic Records Coordinator (515) 725-6134

Areas of Responsibility: Traffic Data, Program Evaluation, Statewide Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (STRCC) Co-Chair, Problem Identification, Highway Safety Plan (HSP) and Annual Report.
Cinnamon Weigel, Occupant Protection Coordinator (515) 725-6121

Areas of Responsibility: Safety Belts/Child Restraints, Air Bags, School Bus Safety, Bicycle/Pedestrian, State Fair and Western Iowa Program Administrator for Highway Safety Grants.
Crystal Young, Grants Administrator         


Areas of Responsibility: Grant Application/Contract Processing and Oversight, Web Grant Issues, Program Reporting/Deadlines, GTSB Newsletter and Staff Travel.
Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau Mailing Address and General Phone Number
215 East 7th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319
Phone: (515) 725-6123
Fax: (515) 725-6133
General email:


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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 02-22-2013 (JGL)
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