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Drug Recognition Experts

   Iowa GTSB Drug Recognition Expert Awards

Each year, at the annual Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau Annual Conference in the spring, several awards are handed out to local law enforcement officers and agencies that have had a major impact on traffic safety. Below are the awards relating to the DRE Program.  


In 1992, Polk County Deputy Sheriff Kipton Hayward was among the first officers in Iowa to be certified as a Drug Recognition Expert while he was assigned to Polk County’s Alcohol Safety Action Program, or ASAP, unit. He served in that capacity until the early morning hours of October 9, 1993, when he was on the scene of a fatality crash involving a drunk driver. While performing collision-related duties, Deputy Hayward was struck and killed by a passing motorist, who continued driving from the scene and was stopped over one mile away by an Iowa State Trooper. That driver was also found to be intoxicated by drugs and alcohol. In 1994, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau memorialized Deputy Hayward’s ultimate sacrifice by forming the “Kip Hayward Award”. In 1995, the GTSB began awarding one DRE officer each year at this very conference. This award was designed to select a DRE who epitomizes what Deputy Hayward stood for and to honor their exemplary service to the citizens of the State of Iowa in combating impaired driving. This award is a very special award amongst the DRE community and it signifies an officer reaching the highest mark in excellence to combating impaired driving.

Kip Hayward Nomination Form  (.pdf format)

2017 Kip Hayward Award Recipient

Past Kip Hayward Award Recipients

Other DRE Awards


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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 05-12-2014 (SMB)
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