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GTSB Forms

Checklist For Claim Reimbursement
Checklist for preparing claims for reimbursement

Overtime Spreadsheet - blank form required for reimbursement of overtime

Equipment Accountability Report (hsp3 - inventory)
(blank form)

GTSB Approved Equipment Informaiton

Checklist For Claim Reimbursement - sTEP
Checklist for preparing claims for reimbursement.

Seat Belt Observation Form
Form for recording seat belt survey information

Travel Procedures

Travel Checklist

GTSB Out-Of-State Travel Request
Required for pre-approval for out-of-state travel grant reimbursement

GTSB Trip Report
Required two weeks after training if out-of-state travel is involved

Travel Claim Form - required if travel is not specifically authorized under an existing GTSB grant.

GTSB Equipment Disposal Request/Notification

Nomination Form for Commissioner's Special Traffic Safety Award

Online Claim Submission Instructions

Detailed sTEP Activity Report Instructioins

GTSB Plans & Policies

Please contact the GTSB at 515-725-6123 if you have problems accessing a form,

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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 06-17-2013 (JGL)
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