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To check out materials complete one of the forms below and either email to Ihla Hochstetler or mail to address on the form. Be sure to include resource item number when requesting to check-out reference materials.

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Resource Item # Resource Name Type
7 Buckle Up/Entainers/Belts Audio/Visual
9 Children in Crashes Audio/Visual
13 Buckle Up Baby Safety Child Tips 1-11 Eng Audio/Visual
14 Buckle Up Baby Safety Child Tips 1-11 Sp Audio/Visual
18 Tips Safer Trvl Children/Midas Safe Baby Proj Audio/Visual
19 Vince & Larry Rap Skit Audio/Visual
20 Buckle Up Baby! Audio/Visual
21 "Top Story" - 5 PM/6PM KCCI & 5 PM/10PM-WOI Audio/Visual
23 LATCH: Lower Anchors & Tethers Children NHTSA Audio/Visual
36 TIPS Presents Audio/Visual
89 Buckle Up! Audio/Visual
90 The Legend Lives TS ELVIS/LAW MAN Audio/Visual
103 Protecting Your Newborn Audio/Visual
105 Operation Kids LE CPS Program Audio/Visual
111 PSA - Hug Television Audio/Visual
263 HSP 1975 Highway Safety Plan
222 Commander Alex & Princess Kelsey Cardboard Faces Kit
456 Booster Seat Law Enforcement Manuals

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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 05-13-2011 (JGL)
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