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To check out materials complete one of the forms below and either email to Ihla Hochstetler or mail to address on the form. Be sure to include resource item number when requesting to check-out reference materials.

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Resource Item # Resource Name Category
134 Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey 2000 Occupant Protection
135 Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey 2003 Occupant Protection
146 Survey of the States Miscellaneous
157 Survey States Motorcycle Safety Programs Historical
170 Survey of States Motorcycle Safety Programs Motorcycle
195 2007 MV Occupant Safety Survey Vol 1 Occupant Protection
196 2007 MV Occupant Safety Survey Vol 2 Occupant Protection
199 Nat'l Survey Bicyclist & Ped Tudes & Behavior Bicycle/Pedestrian
207 2007 Motor Vehicle OP Safety Survey Occupant Protection
213 2007 Motor Vehicle Occupant Safety Survey Occupant Protection
437 National Roadside Survey Alc & Drug Use by Drivers Alcohol
443 2007 Nat'l Roadside Survey of Al-Drug Use by Dr. Alcohol
444 2007 Nat'l Roadside Survey Alc-Drug Use Drivers Impaired Driving
470 Nat'l Survey D & D Attitudes & Behaviors 2008 Alcohol

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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 01-06-2011 (JLR)
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