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Des Moines, IOWA --- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration National Center for Statistics and Analysis speed data for all 50 states shows Iowa with the lowest speed-related fatality percentage in the entire United States.

During calendar year 2008, Iowa recorded 412 fatalities with 41 of those involving speed. That is slightly fewer than 10% of all motor vehicle fatalities.

For the entire United States 11,674 of 37,261 fatalities involved speed, or just over 30%.

Iowa was the only state with fewer than 10% speed-related fatalities followed by Arkansas with 10.5% and New Jersey with 11%. On the other end of the spectrum, over 50% of Alaska's 62 traffic fatalities involved speed. Among our neighboring states, Missouri had 45% speed-related fatalities, Illinois 37%, South Dakota 30%, Wisconsin 32%, Minnesota 29%, Kansas 25% and Nebraska 15%.

"This data shows that Iowa's broad array of enforcement involving the Iowa State Patrol and hundreds of local agencies, including the majority of police departments and sheriff's offices, has paid big dividends in reducing the impact of speed as a factor in fatal crashes," observed Colonel Patrick Hoye, Chief of the Iowa State Patrol.

Speed-related fatalities included just two on Iowa's interstate system, both on segments with 55 mph speed limits. Nineteen speed-related fatalities occurred on 55 mph roads with 17 occurring on roads with posted limits of 50 mph or less.

For further information, please contact Robert Thompson, Program Evaluator, Governor's Traffic Safety Bureau, Iowa Department of Public Safety, at (515) 725-6123. Please click here to view Traffic Safety Facts.


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