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Colonel Patrick J. Hoye, Chief

For immediate release:  
Thursday, March 11, 2010  
Des Moines, Iowa  


Des Moines, IOWA--- The Iowa Department of Public Safety announced today that it will close the District 14 headquarters in Ottumwa. The move is a cost-saving measure and will not affect the number of Troopers patrolling Iowa’s highways.

Iowa State Patrol (ISP) Chief, Colonel Patrick Hoye said, “This is the second district office the ISP is consolidating. It will save roughly $25,000 in facility costs and an additional $100,000 a year by not filling vacant positions. Also, the building is in need of repair and it made sense to close it now.” The District 5 headquarters in Cherokee will close later this month.

The District 14 lieutenant will fill a vacant position at District 2 in Osceola and the District 14 secretary recently announced her retirement. DPS Commissioner Eugene T. Meyer said, “These are difficult economic times and we continue to examine every cost-saving option. Maintaining the public’s safety is our top priority. This consolidation allows us to reduce expenses without compromising public safety resources in southern Iowa.”

The current District 14 building is owned by the State of Iowa. Troopers currently stationed at District 14 will continue to patrol their assigned counties once the district offices are consolidated. District 14 office is tentatively scheduled to close in mid-April of 2010.

Counties currently served by District 14 will now be served by District 2 in Osceola and District 13 in Mt. Pleasant. District 2 will serve Marion, Monroe and Appanoose counties.  District 13 will serve Keokuk, Mahaska, Wapello and Davis counties.



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