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Des Moines, IOWA --- As Day Light Savings Time approaches, the Office of the State Fire Marshal is encouraging Iowans to take a few extra minutes this weekend and change the batteries in their smoke detectors while they’re changing the hour on all their time pieces.

“Every Spring Iowans turn their clocks one hour ahead for Day Light Savings,” says incoming State Fire Marshal Ray Reynolds. “Since manufacturers require smoke detectors receive fresh batteries every year, it’s a great time to swap out the old nine volts for new ones too!  Remember: change your clocks, change your batteries.”

In 2009 there were 43 fire fatalities and at least half of those who died either didn’t have a smoke detector, didn’t have a working detector, or investigators couldn’t determine if a detector was present.  So far this year seven Iowans have died as a result of fire.  At least five of those deaths occurred in a home where there was no smoke detector or no working smoke detector. 

Many people think they have as many as ten minutes to escape a home fire, when in reality they have as little as two minutes.  Early warning is key in safely escaping and surviving a home fire.  So, properly install and maintain your smoke detectors.  Change your clocks, change your batteries.

Click here for more information on how to properly install and maintain your smoke detectors.

If you have questions or need assistance changing your battery, contact the State Fire Marshal’s Office at 800-532-1255, or your local fire department.  Your safety is our concern!


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