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Take time during Arson Awareness Week to evaluate your business' security level and how you can protect it from arson in the future.

Des Moines, IOWA ---  Having a well informed staff is vital when working to protect your business from arson.  When you take time to educate your employees on the dangers of fire and arson, they can then become your partners in assessing risk and implementing the internal safety measures and the external safety measures


  • Keep employees informed of problems in the neighborhood and known vandalism.
  • Encourage employees to make note of strangers spend­ing time in the neighborhood, either on foot or in vehicles.
  • Ask employees to write down the license plate numbers of suspicious vehicles and inform the proper authorities.
  • Tell employees that vandalism may precede arson!
  • When prudent, alert employees to disgruntled customers or former business associates likely to cause damage to property through arson or vandalism.
  • Make sure your employees know what to do in the event of a fire or arson.  Emergency numbers should be listed at your business and fire extinguishers should be kept on hand.
  • Promote employees participation in neighborhood watches.
  • Encourage employees to collect rubbish and debris when they see it collect around the building in order to eliminate points of ignition for arsonists.
The Office of the State Fire Marshal investigated 14 arson fires at businesses across Iowa in 2009.  Don’t let you and your business become victims of arson in 2010.

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