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Wednesday, July 21, 2010  


Des Moines, IOWA --- With the help of Iowa news media and motorists across the state, the Iowa State Patrol Safe Saturday Enforcement continues to drive down motor vehicle fatalities on Iowa roadways.  Statistically, the month of June has been identified as one of the deadliest months of the year, which prompted the Iowa State Patrol to introduce the Safe Saturday program in 2009 and carry its success through 2010. 

This year during the Safe Saturday enforcement effort the Iowa State Patrol executed 70 OWI arrests, 290 seatbelt citations and 1,274 speed citations.  And these are just a fraction of the total 5,727 contacts Troopers had with motorists during this year’s Safe Saturday Enforcement effort.  The total number of contacts for 2010 represents a 46% enforcement increase over Saturdays in 2008-prior to the introduction of the program.  This was accomplished despite a 10% decline in manpower hours over 2008.

Colonel Patrick J. Hoye of the Iowa State Patrol commented, “The Troopers that worked the project did an outstanding job.  And the motoring public really stepped up too.  Without their efforts to drive safely, June on Iowa roadways would have been much deadlier.”

Typically, there are 40-45 Iowans that die on Iowa roadways during the month of June.  So far 34 motor vehicle deaths have been reported for June, 2010.  This matches the fatality total recorded last year when Safe Saturdays was initiated, making June, 2009 and June, 2010 the safest on Iowa roadways in recent years.  The State Patrol sees the reduction in fatalities as a strong indicator the Safe Saturday Enforcement program is changing behavior and saving lives.


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