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Wednesday, October 27, 2010  


Des Moines, IOWA --- This year, beggars’ night in many communities across Iowa falls on a weekend night.  That means hundreds of children dressed in ghoulish costumes will overtake our neighborhoods, at the same time adults will be joining together for their Halloween parties.  This makes it critically important for Iowans celebrating All Hollow’s Eve to party responsibly and never drink and drive.  Hitting a trick-or-treater is a Halloween holiday nightmare you don’t want to live through.

When looking at crashes involving pedestrians in 2008, the vast majority (more than 70 percent) of these crashes occurred in urban areas at night time, with children aged 15 and younger accounting for 22 percent of the pedestrian injuries and 7 percent of the pedestrian fatalities nationally.  On Halloween night specifically, over the last ten years 48 percent of motor vehicle fatalities nationally have been alcohol related.  And one national study revealed four times the number of elementary and middle school-aged children were killed by a car or truck on Halloween when compared to all other evenings.

Below are a few tips for those looking forward to celebrating the Halloween holiday.

Young Ghosts and Goblins:

  • Stay on sidewalks as much as possible.
  • When on streets, obey all traffic signs.
  • Travel in groups. 
  • Avoid costumes that are tripping hazards: baggy pants, long hems, high heels, and over-sized shoes.
  • Avoid masks that restrict your vision.
  • Avoid dark colors. Add reflective tape to the costume so you’re more visible to motor vehicles.

Adults Drinking Witch’s Brew:

  • Never drink and drive.
  • Plan a safe way home before the festivities begin:
    • Designate a sober driver.
    • Use a taxi.
    • Call a sober friend or family member
  • If you see a drunk driver on the road, don’t hesitate to call 911.
  • And remember, Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.

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