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Department of Public Safety Clarifies: Two Separate and Unrelated Internal Employee Investigations are Underway

Des Moines, IOWA --- The Iowa Department of Public Safety (DPS) would like to make it clear that Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Larry Hedlund is not the subject of an investigation related to the complaint of speeding by an on-duty state trooper in a state owned vehicle.  The internal investigation into this matter is limited to two on duty state troopers.  This review is active and ongoing as of July 9, 2013.  SAC Hedlund has not and will not receive any discipline as a result of his complaint of the speeding state vehicle.

DPS adheres to the state’s policy of maintaining confidentiality in personnel matters. However, the department acknowledges allegations of work rule violations against SAC Hedlund exist.  Allegations of work rule violations by SAC Hedlund arose well before April 26th, 2013.  These allegations are unrelated to the complaint of the April 26th incident involving an on-duty state trooper in a state owned vehicle.

An initial review of these allegations resulted in SAC Hedlund being placed on paid administrative leave on May 1, 2013, pending further investigation.  SAC Hedlund has not been suspended. He continues to receive his salary and benefits as DPS investigates these allegations.

While DPS cannot comment on the specific allegations of this investigation, SAC Hedlund through his attorney has already acknowledged the existence of potential work rule violations.  Attorney Thomas Duff has been cited by the Des Moines Register indicating "Hedlund was suspended based upon allegations that included insubordination 'what I would consider minor rule violations'.” 

As reported by the Des Moines Register, July 9, 2013, allegations of work rule violations encompassed a time period of February 16, 2013 through April 30, 2013.    

The Associated Press has also reported an April 30, 2013 email indicated, “that tension with his bosses had started before that complaint.”

The Des Moines Register also reported, that SAC Hedlund has “had other issues with leadership.”  

Further, emails obtained by the Associated Press (not from DPS), quoted an email from DCI Director Charis Paulson to SAC Hedlund, “the morning after the speeding incident, Paulson responded by asking why Hedlund was driving his state vehicle on a scheduled vacation day.”

Further information will be provided at the conclusion of these two separate investigations. 



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