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April 18, 2014  
Des Moines, Iowa  

SAFE LANES: Employee Distracted Driver Program


Des Moines, IOWA – In observance of April being designated as National Distracted Driving month the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau and the Department of Public Safety is announcing the initiation of a new Safe Lanes Employee Safe Driver Program to encourage Iowa businesses to create and implement distracted driving policies for their employees.

According to the National Safety Council motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of work-related deaths and people talking on cell phones or sending text messages cause more than one of every four traffic collisions.  In 2010, transportation collisions accounted for about 40% of all fatal occupational crashes in the United States.  The reaction time of a driver talking on a cell phone is equal to that of a driver who is legally drunk. 

On-the-job crashes cost employers more than $24,500 per property damage crash, $128,000 per injury crash, and as much as $3.8 million per fatality crash (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration).  Employers are being held legally responsible for on-the-job distracted driving crashes and have been judged liable for millions of dollars.  Implementing and enforcing a cell phone policy will not only protect employers from liability, but help to protect the safety of employees.

In an effort to make Iowa roads safer, the Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau has developed a guide to creating and implementing a personalized company cell phone policy.  The guide includes fact sheets, tips for managing common distractions, information on the need to implement and enforce cell phone policies, and sample policies that can be adapted to any business.  For more information call 515-725-6123 or download the guide at:


Safe Lanes

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