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Waterloo Officer's Actions Justified

WATERLOO, Iowa -- On December 11, 2015, the Iowa Attorney General’s Office completed a review of the circumstances of a shooting incident that occurred in the City of Waterloo and involved a Waterloo police officer who is assigned to the Tri-County Drug Task Force and the suspect, Brandon Seeley. This review was to determine if the Waterloo police officer’s actions were justified.  At the request of the Waterloo Police Department the incident was investigated by the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation.

The shooting incident involving the Waterloo police officer stemmed from a drug investigation where Seeley was believed to be in possession of methamphetamine.  At the time of Seeley’s confrontation with the Waterloo police officer, he also had an active warrant for a probation violation.  During the course of the drug investigation, it was decided that another Waterloo police officer, Bill Herkelman, would attempt to conduct a traffic stop of Seeley, but when the traffic stop was attempted Seeley failed to stop.

Seeley led officers on a high speed chase through residential neighborhoods in Waterloo. During the first part of this chase Seeley entered a parking lot at a local law firm. Once in the parking lot he was partially blocked by Herkelman's fully marked police vehicle. Seeley backed around Herkelman’s vehicle, and as he did so, the Waterloo police officer assigned to the drug task force approached on foot. The Waterloo police officer was dressed in street clothes, and he was wearing a badge on a chain around his neck that was clearly visible. The Waterloo Police officer yelled at Seeley to get on the ground; however, Seeley failed to comply. Seeley backed out of the parking lot, put the vehicle in drive, and drove toward the direction of the Waterloo police officer who had a pistol drawn and pointed at Seeley’s vehicle. As the vehicle drove at a high rate of speed toward the Waterloo police officer, the Waterloo police officer fired four shots through the driver side window. Three of the rounds struck Seeley, but they failed to stop Seeley from driving away. Seeley continued on a high speed chase with Waterloo officers traveling at high rates of speed. Eventually, Seeley stopped at a residence where he stayed with his girlfriend, Chelsea Brocka. Seeley was taken into custody.

Based on the Attorney General’s Office review of the case with the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, and a full review of the facts, there is no criminal law that was violated by the Waterloo police officer who fired his gun or any other Waterloo police officer that engaged Brandon Seeley. At the time the Waterloo police officer discharged his weapon he felt his life was in danger and possibly the lives of other officers. The Waterloo police officer who fired his gun acted reasonably under the circumstances.

The Waterloo police officer’s name is being withheld due to his current position with the Tri-County Drug Task Force.

Seeley has been charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance with Intent to Deliver, Eluding and Assault on a Peace Officer.

Note: A criminal charge is merely an accusation and a defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

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