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Statement on DPS Internal Investigation

An extensive internal investigation related to the purchase of handguns by the Iowa Department of Public Safety has been concluded.  Initially, two retired DCI agents investigated the procurement processes used, and then a personnel investigation was continued internally by two Assistant Directors in the Investigative Operations Division.

Both investigations examined whether any illegal or improper activities had occurred during the process of purchasing handguns, or during the time that the handguns were issued to Department of Public Safety officers.  The handguns have since been returned to the manufacturer, and the previously issued handguns have been re-issued.

The result of the extensive investigation showed that no criminal or improper activity had occurred at any time.  The procurement process was conducted appropriately, although it could have been streamlined.  Concerns about the process will be addressed through additional training for DPS personnel who will be involved in procurement activities in the future.

The internal investigation also examined personnel matters involving issues related to the handguns.  That investigation concluded that no departmental policies were violated.  The employees have returned to work.

Records related to the internal investigations are confidential under Iowa Code sections 22.7(4) and 22.7(11).

No further comment will be released at this time.


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