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July 21, 2017

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ISP Finding Creative Ways
to Enforce New Distracted Driving Law

-- The next time you drive by an RV on the interstate, you never know who might be inside watching to make sure you are following the laws. Driving through a construction zone?  The man or woman on the side of the road in construction gear might just be a Trooper. 

The Iowa Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) Iowa State Patrol (ISP) is stepping up enforcement efforts of the new distracted driving law in new and creative ways. Often motorists are on the lookout for marked law enforcement vehicles and uniformed officers so that they can quickly put their phone down until they are no longer in sight.

If motorists think they can get away with texting and driving, the Iowa State Patrol has something else in mind. The Patrol is finding creative ways to get around this enforcement problem. 

The Iowa State Patrol has been working, and will continue to be working on special projects statewide over the next couple months, which will allow Troopers to see texting motorists without the motorist knowing.  This is all in an effort to help keep motorists safe.

One such project had Department of Natural Resource officers in their DNR trucks looking for texting drivers and calling them into ISP Troopers.  Another upcoming project will have plain clothed Troopers in an RV looking for drivers using their electronic communication devices in an unlawful manner. 

You just never know when ISP is watching, so motorist be warned, put your phones down and focus on the road!

Media Contact: Trooper Alex Dinkla, Public Information Officer, Iowa State Patrol, (515) 443-6644.

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