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For immediate release:  
April 12, 2018


Consumer Fireworks Online Licensing Portal Open for 2018

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The State Fire Marshal Division opened its online licensing portal for consumer fireworks March 1, 2018 and is currently accepting applications for licenses for the retail sales of consumer fireworks.  Retailers are encouraged to submit their applications early so that the application can be processed and the license issued prior to the first day for sales of consumer fireworks.  A total of 664 consumer fireworks sales licenses were issued in 2017.

Iowa law allows the retail sales of consumer fireworks in permanent buildings from June 1 to July 8, and from December 10 to January 3.  Retail sales of consumer fireworks are allowed in temporary structures from June 13 to July 8.   A license issued by the State Fire Marshal is required before any person, business or entity can sell consumer fireworks.

Retailers who are renewing a license for the same site can log into the licensing portal and submit the renewal application and site plan, if applicable.

Retailers who already have a user account but who are licensing new sites will need to add the new sites in the licensing system before the application and plans for those sites can be submitted.  Retailers who have not previously been licensed in Iowa will need to first create a user account on the licensing portal at https://iowa.imagetrendlicense.com/.   The new retailer, or the retailer with a new site will need to fill out the “Add New Business or Consumer Fireworks Site” form under the “Applications>My Applications” links.  The amount of the fee is determined by the type of site and the type of consumer fireworks that will be sold at the site.  There is a $100 non-refundable fee for each application which will be applied to the total cost of the fee if the license is issued.

The online licensing portal allows users to file an application and a site plan that shows that retail sales of consumer fireworks will be in accordance with NFPA 1124, 2006 edition.  Examples of site plans that are in accordance with NFPA 1124 are on the State Fire Marshal’s website at www.dps.state.ia.us/fm/building/licensing/Fireworks/CFAppResources.shtml.  The law also provides that inspections may be done of the sites to ensure they are in accordance with NFPA 1124.  All licensing inspections will be conducted by the staff of the State Fire Marshal’s office or by local officials specifically designated by the State Fire Marshal.  There is no additional cost for the licensing inspection.

Applications and plans for permanent buildings should be submitted no later than May 1, and applications and plans for temporary structures should be submitted no later than May 13, in order to ensure that the inspection, if any, can be completed and the license issued prior to the start of the selling period.  Applications will be accepted and processed after these dates and licenses will be issued; however, there is no guarantee that the license can be issued prior to the first day of the sales period.

All applications will be processed in the order they are received.  Applications that are incomplete or which are not in compliance with the law will be returned, and will only be processed when the complete and fully compliant application and plans are submitted. 

Wholesalers of consumer fireworks must be registered in the State of Iowa before conducting business.  The State Fire Marshal is also accepting new and renewal applications for wholesaler registrations.  New wholesalers will need to first set up a user account at https://iowa.imagetrendlicense.com/.   New or renewal applications should be submitted through the portal at http://www.dps.state.ia.us/fm/building/licensing/consumerfireworksindex.shtml.  Wholesalers can only sell consumer fireworks directly to licensed retailers.  Wholesalers cannot sell consumer fireworks directly to the public.

Information and resources for the application process, including a link to the Iowa Administrative Rules Chapter 661-265 can be found at www.dps.state.ia.us/fm/building/licensing/consumerfireworksindex.shtml.


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