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2003 Annual Report Iowa UCR Incident Based Reporting System
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Section A, General Crime
Table 1, Total IBR Offenses by Jurisdiction
Table 2, Index Offenses by Jurisdiction
Table 3, Offense Breakdowns
Table 4, Group A Offenses by Weapon
Table 5, Type and Value of Property
Table 6, Arson by Property Type
Table 7, Total IBR Arrests by Jurisdiction
Table 8, Juvenile IBR Arrests by Jurisdiction
Table 9, IBR Clearances by Jurisdiction
Section B, Hate/Bias Crime
Table 1, Type by UCR Offense Code
Table 2, Incidents by Type by Jurisdiction
Section C, Domestic Abuse
Table1, Incident Characteristics by County
Table 2, Victims by Month by Jurisdiction
Section D, Leoka
Table 1, Personnel by Jurisdiction
Appendix A, Completeness
Appendix B, IBR Crime Definitions
Appendix C, Other Definitions
Appendix D, Late Reporting Agencies
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