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Accessibility of Buildings and Facilities Used by the General Public

Iowa Code section 103A.7, subsection 5 provides that the State of Iowa Building Code shall include "reasonable provisions" for

5. The accessibility and use by persons with disabilities and elderly persons, of buildings, structures and facilities which are constructed and intended for use by the general public. The rules shall be consistent with federal standards for building accessibility and shall only apply to those buildings, structures, and facilities subject to chapter 104A.

Iowa Code section 104A.2 provides that

The standards and specifications adopted by the state building code commissioner and as set forth in this chapter shall apply to all public and private buildings and facilities, temporary and permanent, used by the general public.

A significant change in Iowa's requirements for accessibility to persons with disabilities of buidlings and facilities used by the general public took effect January 1, 2004. The standards now in effect are based upon

The new accessibility requirements are based upon the federal Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines, also known as ADAAG (28 CFR 36, Appendix A) and, with some amendments, adopt the federal guidelines by reference.

A significant exception to the use of ADAAG is the rule setting out accessibility requirements for apartment buildings (now rule 661-16.720(103A,104A)). ADAAG does not cover requirements for apartment buildings, which are covered federally by the Fair Housing Act, rather than the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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