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Alarm System Contractor and Installer Licensing

Please check with your local jurisdiction regarding portable fire extinguishers and any permit requirements.

The state of Iowa requires alarm system licensing for fire alarm, nurse call, and security alarm systems that "enunciate" a call. Systems, whether hard wired or wireless that send a signal, text, phone call, or the like to local first responders, a monitoring service, security station, or individual require an alarm system license. The company installing such systems and their employees must be licensed as alarm system contractor and installers. Licenses are also required for maintenance and inspection or testing of these systems.

Licensing is NOT required for a company that is providing monitoring services ONLY. Licensing is also not required for CCTV and video recording systems only where no notifications are sent. Alarm licensing is not required for licensed electricians ONLY when installer wiring and components of an alarm system. Final termination at the alarm panel and all work done with the panel requires an alarm system license.

For further licensing information please send your questions to

List of Licensed Contractors (in progress) Contractor Application
List of Licensed Installers (in progress) Installer Application

Accepted Certification Programs (see application for specific endorsement certification requirements):
National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET) (Endorsements 1-6; see application for level)
Electronic Security Association (ESA) (Endorsements 1-6; see application for level)
Elite CEU Alarm Level I (accepted in Iowa) (Installers only; Endorsement 5)
Elite CEU Alarm Level 2 (accepted in Iowa) (Installers only; Endorsement 3)
Licensed Master or Journeyman Electrician (Installers only; Endorsements 2, 5, & 6)
Professional Engineer licensed in Iowa with a competence in alarm system design (Endorsements 1-6)

Please note:

Per 661 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 277,  the contractor shall maintain current registration as a contractor with the Labor Services Division of the Iowa Workforce Development Department in compliance with Iowa Code chapter 91C and 875—Chapter 150, Iowa Administrative Code.

Iowa Code 100C on Fire Extinguishing and Alarm Systems Contractors and Installers

Rules for Alarm System Contractors and Installers Program (661 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 277)

Criminal History Check Requirements

State Fire Marshal policy on criminal history checks for alarm contractors, alarm installers and alarm installer assistants.

Fingerprint cards may be obtained from the Fire Marshal Division or local law enforcement offices. Black ink and printed Live Scan FBI Form FD-258 fingerprint cards are accepted and must be submitted with your application and renewal. Photocopied cards, or other fingerprints not on the FBI Form FD-258 card will not be accepted.

How to complete the fingerprint card


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