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    During the 2006-07 legislative session the Iowa General Assembly enacted legislation (Iowa Code 103) which established a statewide electrical licensing and inspection program. The responsibility of this program was given to the Fire Marshal Division of the Iowa Department of Public Safety and is overseen by the Electrical Examining Board (EEB). To view Adopted Administrative Rules Click here.

    One of the provisions of the law required state Licensing of all electricians and electrical contractors by January 1, 2008. Several categories of electrical licenses have been established and thousands of electrical licenses have been issued since. License applications continue to be submitted daily as more individuals qualify for their specific license.

    The second provision of the law required inspections of all new electrical work done within the state unless it was specifically exempted in the legislation. Installers apply for Electrical Permits through an online program developed specifically for the EEB. These inspection requests are responded to quickly by the State Electrical Inspector assigned to that area. The inspector’s other duties include electrical education, answering code related questions and investigating any customer Complaints about the program.


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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 12-28-2012 (JGL)