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Flammable Liquids Section

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Aboveground Storage Tank Plan Review Fee: $100 + $25 per tank (paper application)

Liquid Propane Tank Plan Review: No fees
(paper application)

Tank Registration Fee: $20 per tank
(paper application)

For questions, please email

Aboveground petroleum storage tanks that are greater than 1,100 gallons in capacity must be registered with the state fire marshal's office. Note: Tank registration shall not be construed as plan approval. Plan approval is required for ALL tanks; registration is not.

Tanks that do not need to be registered include:

  • aboveground tanks of 1,100 gallons or less capacity;
  • tanks used for storing of heating oil for consumptive use on the premises where stored;
  • underground tanks defined by Code of Iowa Section 455B.471; or
  • flow-through process tanks or tanks containing regulated substances, other than motor vehicle fuel for transportation purposes, used as part of a manufacturing process, system, or facility.
  • Farm exemption: 2,000 or less of gasoline or 5,000 or less of diesel
    "Farm" means land and associated improvements used to produce agricultural commodities, if at least $1,000 is annually generated from the sale of the agricultural commodities.
    "Commodities" means crops as defined in Iowa Code Section 202.1 or animals as defined in Iowa Code Section 459.102.

Iowa Code Chapter 101 provides for the regulation of the "safe transportation, storage, handling and use of flammable liquids, liquefied petroleum gases and liquefied natural gases" by the State Fire Marshal. The Flammable Liquids Section has the primary responsibility for carrying out this charge.

The following responsibilities are assigned to the Flammable Liquids Section:

House File 640 Division III changes to Administrative Rules Section 101.21, subsection 1, paragraphs a through C, Code 2013 for Flammable Liquid Storage Tanks (p.6-8)

Before installing aboveground tanks storing flammable or combustible liquids, plans must be submitted to the Fire Marshal Division for approval in accordance with subrule 661 Iowa Administrative Code 221.3(3). Remember to include details concerning:

  • the UL listing of the tanks,
  • necessary distances from the tanks,
  • specifications for normal venting,
  • emergency venting,
  • secondary containment,
  • piping,
  • fuel dispensers,
  • electrical wiring,
  • required valves,
  • warning signs,
  • the fire extinguisher, and
  • any other details or information needed to show the installation will meet the requirements when double wall tanks or vaults are used.
  • for refineries or bulk plants, complete layout of buildings, tanks, loading and unloading docks and heating devices.

Engineering drawings of the storage facility are preferred but not required. Drawings must be to scale. Plans sealed by a licensed professional engineer are required if the facility is a refinery.

Local jurisdictions (full time fire departments) may require plans to be submitted to them for a local permit in addition to obtaining approval from this office. Consult your local jurisdictions for their requirements. Underground tanks which have been approved in accordance with the UST rule 591-15.6(455G) do not need to be submitted to the state fire marshal for approval.


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Created: 02-07-2006
Last Updated: 09-07-2011 (JGL)