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Accessible Parking
(Parking for Persons with Disabilities)

In places where parking is provided to the public, requirements for providing accessible parking spaces (also called "parking for persons with disabilities) are established by the federal Americans with Disabilities Act, Iowa Code Chapter 321L, and administrative rules adopted by the Iowa Department of Public Safety (661 Iowa Administrative Code Chapter 18).

With one significant exception, Iowa requirements for providing accessible parking follow federal requirements. The exception is that Iowa law requires that at least one accessible space when a parking lot has at least 10 total spaces, while the federal Americans with Disability Act Accessibility Guidelines require that an accessible parking space be provided if there is even a single parking spaces available for public use.

Related Areas of Regulation

  • Display Devices for Parking in Accessible Parking Spaces Are Issued by the Iowa Department of Transportation
  • Requirements for Accessibility to Persons with Disabilities of Buildings and Facilities Are Provided in the State Building Code
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Created: 05-10-2006
Last Updated: 06-28-2011 (JGL)