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Business and Regulatory Assistance

Organizations and individuals subject to regulation by the Department of Public Safety, or who think they may be subject to regulation by the Department, may contact the Department's Regulatory Assistance Coordinator for assistance. This help may involve identifying whether Iowa Business and Regulatory Network
Department regulations (administrative rules) apply, what unit of the Department has jurisdiction over those rules, establishing communication with those units, and assisting with identifying related regulatory requirements established by other state, federal, or local agencies. Assistance is available to individuals, business firms, and political subdivisions.

For regulatory assistance from the Department of Public Safety, please contact the department's Regulatory Assistance Coordinator via email at The Department's Regulatory Assistance Coordinator is member of the Iowa Business and Regulatory Assistance Network, which includes coordinators from regulatory agencies of Iowa state government. The Network works cooperatively across the State of Iowa enterprise to help you effectively identify your compliance needs and requirements. Our goal is to assist you in meeting business development timelines through efficient communication and timely processing of your compliance requirements needs.

More specific information is provided here about the following areas which are often the subject of inquiries to the department:

Please note that regulatory assistance does not extend to matters involving criminal or traffic law enforcement nor to regulatory matters which are subject to enforcement action, contested case procedures, or litigation.

You may also contact the state regulatory assictance coordinator:
Iowa Department of Economic Development,
Regulatory Assistance Coordinator

515-725-3127 or

The following link provides additional information about this service:


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Created: 05-10-2006
Last Updated: 10-08-2012 (JGL)